I have always enjoyed writing and reading. In primary school when we were asked to write a story and draw a picture to go with it I was in my element! In my teenage years I moved into journaling and began my hobby of writing stories.

The Apostle Paul encouraged the young Timothy not to neglect the gift that had been given to him, preaching, and I believe that my writing is also a gift from God. So with that encouragement I have pursued the publication of my first book The Significant You...and Me.




I hope you enjoy this snap shot into my life's journey so far.


Please come back and visit often to find out what I am thinking about or what info I have found interesting each week.


I am also available to speak at Women's events in your church....


email me di@dianneriley.com.au







I’ve just published my first book “The Significant You...and Me”, a short inspirational book for Christian women. With examples from those famous Bible girls Esther and Ruth, my hope is to encourage women, like us, to find contentment and confidence in Christ alone.  


To peek inside all you have to do is click on the front cover...




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